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WordPress Experience

WordPress is a great CMS system and it is so versatile that it is no wonder that it’s the most popular in the world. It came out in late 2004 and took the internet by storm. A lot has changed in WordPress since its early days. Originally built to be a blog site system the open-source WordPress has helped transform it into a powerful blog and e-commerce site together. BKThemes has been working with WordPress since it came storming on the internet in late 2004. We have been creating themes and plugins for this CMS system. Some of our expert examples are:

How we develop WordPress websites


WordPress Expert

Custom built to your specific needs

Your business needs more than a generic theme with minor customization. Off-the-rack themes are bloated with features you don’t need. Some even come with errors. You just paid upwards of $300.00 for a really nice-looking theme and there are errors.

WordPress Plugins

Minimal plugins

Plugins are easy to install but hard to remove. Websites with dozens of plugins can become a house of cards you don’t know what will happen if you deactivate one. We use industry-standard plugins when they make sense (like a contact form), and build your unique functionality from scratch.

WordPress Updates

As easy to edit as a Word document

The purpose of a CMS is to let you manage content yourself, without the need for a developer. We focus on crafting the backend editing experience to be as easy to use as the frontend.

Site Speed

Faster than your competitors

A 0.1-second improvement of mobile site speed can increase conversion rates by 8-10%. We can deliver speed and efficiency no off-the-shelf theme can match.


Accessible to all users

15% of visitors experience some level of disability, and accessibility lawsuits are increasing. We build websites that meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standards.

WordPress Expert

Built to last

The web changes fast, but you don’t need a new website every few years. I can build you a solid foundation that will adapt to your future needs.


    Improve performance, security
    and on page SEO

    We will send it to your email for download.


    How We Solve Your Problems

    A successful web project requires deep collaboration between design, development, and SEO/SEM. My team and I have worked together on over 1000 projects over the past fifteen years.

    The problems we solve are unique. We blend style, functionality and then compact it as small as possible for increased site speed.  Our WordPress themes outperform all other themes. Not only in site speed but in conversions and page rankings in Google.

    An exceptionally fast website requires a performance-focused design. An intuitive editing experience requires a design built with a clear understanding of not only the WordPress content editor but also WordPress itself.

    WordPress Hosting


    Every WordPress site needs hosting.  BKThemes is proud to offer WordPress hosting and extremely affordable rates.  Our servers are on SiteGround so you know you get a secure hosting experience and lighting fast to boot.  This is made and optimized for WordPress.

    WordPress Plugins


    WordPress is a very powerful and the most popular content management system to build incredible websites, currently running on more than 28% of all websites on the internet. But it is also a heavy ship loaded with tons of features, scripts, and stylesheets. If you are using a complex and bloated WordPress theme with various included scripts and stylesheets, it may increase the loading time of your website even more, because all that additional stuff needs to be loaded when someone visits your website.

    Furthermore, how many plugins are you running? Do you need all of them? Plugins are the number one reason WordPress sites run slow. So we will examine your whole website, not just the theme and plugins but the hosting, PHP version, and MySQL. All of these can lead to a slow experience.

    This is the number one reason we do not have any plugins on the repository. I make a living from coding these solutions into themes so there is less code, less bulk, and more speed. This turns into higher conversions and more sales for your business.

    So if you want a custom WordPress solution, plugin, theme or website hit the ‘Quote Me’ button below or you can get a custom site from me at Upwork.

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