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The Best Shopify Site Maintenance Services


Shopify Site Maintenance

Purchase Shopify Site Maintenance for more than one month at a time saving you even more money.  The more you buy the more you save.  Get your Shopify website maintained by 5-Star certified experts at a price that will amaze you.  We have low overhead and because of this, we can offer prices that can not be beaten.

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BKThemes is Certified in Shopify Site Maintenance Services and works under proven code standards. After vigorous testing, extensive research, and a thorough process of trial and error, we have set code standards that are being utilized by web companies around the world ensuring global uniformity. This Certified Shopify developer has an experience of 6+ years under their belt that produces code especially keeping in mind the aspect of maintenance so it could be editable by other Services team too.

Hire Certified Shopify Website Maintenance Experts

Get your site up to speed and optimized with the latest SEO tactics

  • Monthly Shopify app updates and compatibility checks
  • Monthly store backups
  • Monthly checkout process review
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Addition of up to 5 new products or edits to existing products
  • Up to a 1/2 hour of copy changes or additions
  • Up to a 1/2 hour of Tech Support (Email)
  • Discounted add-on hours with contract
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • End of term report with improvement recommendations

Only $100.00 per month  If you order more than a one-month subscription you save even more!!!

What Is a Shopify Site Maintenance Plan?

A Shopify site maintenance plan involves all areas of your site that require ongoing support and updates. This comprehensive plan is used to ensure top performance of your website, including security, speed and up-to-date content. Often a web maintenance plan will also define the tools and technologies required to achieve top performance – from monitoring dashboards like Google Analytics to status pages such as

What Does Shopify Site Maintenance Include

The best Shopify site maintenance plans will cover all aspects of your website, so that nothing falls through the cracks. This includes website maintenance and updates such as:

  • Security updates and fixes
  • Web performance monitoring and optimization (especially speed issues)
  • Updates to web content (including SEO, CTAs and broken links)
  • Server maintenance
  • User experience optimization (on-page UX, accessibility, etc.)
  • eCommerce optimization (especially the checkout process)
  • Regular backup
  • Browser and device testing
  • Active and passive monitoring
  • Emergencies (such as unplanned outages or hacking)
  • Analytics (including optimization suggestions and A/B testing)
  • Annual certificates (such as domain name registry, hosting, SSL certificates, plugins/tools, etc.)


Still not a believer?  Let's prove it.  Shopify scores are based on Google Lighthouse.  My results are also using Lighthouse. This test was done with the Debut theme out of the box vs. the same theme optimized with BKThemes Shopify website Maintenance.  See for yourself.

Shopify Site Maintenance

The proof is clear.  BKThemes  Shopify Site Maintenance clearly outperforms. What are you waiting for?

Want to save 15% on this service?  Purchase any High DA guest post and I'll give you 15% off Shopify site maintenance.

Buy Blocks of Time

Get pre-scheduled on-site support in easy blocks of 5 hours.  We all know web development takes time and sometimes we don't know how much time.  When you purchase a block of 5 hours from BKThemes you not only know a ballpark estimate of time, but you can make sure you have enough now.  Easy to use and they stack!!  Buy multiples and stack them together to get more time.  Have time left over?  Use it next month, they never expire. With pre-scheduled on-site support, it's a win-win for you.

Are You an Agency?

If you run an agency and this just doesn't seem to be enough time because you have more than one website to manage we understand and have that covered as well just go to our maintenance plans for Agencies page.


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Is It An Emergency?

We all know sometimes things just cannot wait till the next day to get fixed.  The cart is broken or your WordPress website got hacked. We drop everything and get working on your issue.  Not knowing what the issue is or how long it is going to take can be frustrating.  With BKThemes you do not have to worry, once we get started we send you a status report so you know when anything new changes.  This way, as soon as we find the issue we notify you and then apply the appropriate fixes and then notify you again when complete.

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The Best Shopify Site Maintenance Services
The Best Shopify Site Maintenance Services
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