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Run An Agency Or Just Need Maintenance Plans For Some Websites?

Running an agency is hard work and having a go-to developer on-call to handle all those issues that always seem to arise is a must these days.  You came to the right place.  With BKThemes you get a 5-Star service with amazing turnaround time.

Your client’s sites are your business if they go down then it reflects badly on you. You can’t make money, they can’t make money, and they lose clientele. While most sites run great most of time problems do arise from time to time.  Who do you rely on when those times arise?  Who do you call?  Worse yet, how much is it going to cost?

These are all great questions that every agency asks.  The smart agencies have developers on hand to handle these problems.  Why not get one yourself.  Do you know they are not that expensive?

Pre-Scheduled On-Site Support
What if you have a lot of websites and the nickel and dime bills just seem to be killing your overhead?  We have a solution for that as well.  We offer monthly maintenance plans to solve just that.  With pre-scheduled on-site support, your agency can rest easy knowing if a problem arises all you need to do is drop us a message and we will get right on it.  If it’s not a priority, even better. We can go in and fix the issue during the next business day.

What Is a Web Maintenance Plan?

A web maintenance plan involves all areas of your site that require ongoing support and updates. This comprehensive plan is used to ensure top performance of your website, including security, speed and up-to-date content. Often a web maintenance plan will also define the tools and technologies required to achieve top performance – from monitoring dashboards like Google Analytics to status pages such as

What Does Web Maintenance Include

The best web maintenance plans will cover all aspects of your website, so that nothing falls through the cracks. This includes website maintenance and updates such as:

  • Security updates and fixes
  • Web performance monitoring and optimization (especially speed issues)
  • Updates to web content (including SEO, CTAs and broken links)
  • Server maintenance
  • User experience optimization (on-page UX, accessibility, etc.)
  • eCommerce optimization (especially the checkout process)
  • Regular backup
  • Browser and device testing
  • Active and passive monitoring
  • Emergencies (such as unplanned outages or hacking)
  • Analytics (including optimization suggestions and A/B testing)
  • Annual certificates (such as domain name registry, hosting, SSL certificates, plugins/tools, etc.)

The Starter

1 website will be included

Up to 5 hours of updates or fixes that can be used on one website.

Monthly backup of website

Dedicated Service


The Basic

Up to 3 websites will be included

Up to 15 hours of updates or fixes that can be used on multiple websites.

Weekly backup of website

Dedicated Service



Up to 8 websites will be included

Up to 30 hours of updates or fixes that can be used across all the sites.

Weekly backup of website

Dedicated Service



Up to ??? will be included

Up to ??? hours of updates or fixes that can used across all the websites.

Weekly backup of website(s)

Dedicated Service


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