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Recently, I have been getting a lot of questions regarding a local shipping option for Shopify. Does Shopify even got that option is that accomplished through an App? But it’s on the checkout so you must be a Plus customer.

The answer to these is no you do not need to be Plus customer to enable on a Shopify website. Better yet, there is no need for an App for this either. It comes built in in Shopify. Just a click of a button and a little setup and it’s all setup and running.

If it comes built-in then where is it located at? Simple, from your admin console, click on the Settings tab at the bottom left. From there you need to click on the shipping tab. When that page populates, scroll down to the very bottom and there will be an option for local pickup. Click that button, go through a brief setup, and click finish. That’s it!


If you want to customize the local option tab, and the content that the tab renders then you will need to be a Shopify Plus customer. If you would like to make the upgrade to Plus just click this Here.

Local Shipping Option

So when it comes to Shopify and a local shipping option don’t panic about little things. Shopify has your back, and so do I.  If you need help just CONTACT ME or you can always BOOK ME

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