What is Guest Post Linking?

Before I define guest post link building let’s start by defining link building. Link building is the website promotional strategy for acquiring direct inbound links to your site. guest post blogging infographicIt’s an important driver that helps your website rank higher in search engines. Second-tier link building is a bit more complex: it’s an often-ignored strategy for where you acquire links to webpages outside your domain that link to your pages.

Second-tier link building, more commonly known as guest post link building is not a new topic; basically, it’s about promoting your promoters (linking to pages that link to you). While I understand that this tactic may sound too familiar to many fellow SEOs, let’s start with the disclaimer:

This guide has nothing to do with the grey-hat approach to “tired” link building that’s about dominating top ten results using various low-quality profile pages and thus creating link wheels.

Guest Post Link Building

What is Guest Blogging?

A guest post is a piece of content that is written either by you or for you to be put on someone else’s blog to be featured there and get your word out.

A guest post contains an “About author” section where you can link back to your sites and projects. In exchange for the free content you provide to the blogger, you get increased visibility from his/her blog audience.

By linking TO your guest posts from your own available resources, you can achieve two important goals:

  1. Get appreciated by the blog owner (whose page you are thus promoting for free)
  2. Build a more powerful (“linked-to”) page that links to you from the byline


Benefits of guest postings

Then What Are Quality Guest Posts?

A quality guest post is one that is posted on a high DA blog.  What constitutes a high DA blog.  Anything above a DA 40 is a high DA.  DA means domain authority.  The higher the DA the more power that link holds.

Getting a link back to your site from a DA50 site with over 15,000 monthly visits means a lot of traffic is going to be clicking on that link and following it on to your website.

How It Works

 Transparent Process of Scoring Powerful Backlinks



Select your desired plan –> Give us your target anchor text and URL to get started.



We will manually search the web and only secure your placement in relevant sites with real organic traffic.



We contact you with a list of domains. You approve the proposed domains and we start the process.



Our SEO certified expert writers and editors will then craft relevant content for your guest post backlinks.



We then publish the guest post with a link back to your target URL. These are placed on the domains chosen from step 3.



We will provide a final report as we finish with all the details.

Life cycle of guest post content

Real Blogs Real Results

We invest in blogs that empower your website with just the right authority. When we say ‘blogs’, we are not talking about the ones that are ‘made for links’.

Our team at BKThemes invests time and cherry pick’s high-quality placements that are Google-friendly and have a targeted readership.  You now know what guest post link building is all about.

We create a well-researched content copy that incorporates the client’s website URL in a ghost-written style. Quality, white-hat links built with a robust guest posting strategy add power to the existing backlink profile, which equals to higher search ranking and increased website traffic.

DA 20+



per placement

  • MOZ DA 20+ Sites
  • 1K+ Organic Traffic
  • 750 SEO Optimized words w/ 2 Images
  • Guaranteed live link for six months
  • Dofollow link with chosen anchors

DA 30+



per placement

  • MOZ DA 30+ Sites
  • 2K+ Organic Traffic
  • 750 SEO Optimized words w/ 2 Images
  • Guaranteed live link for six months
  • Dofollow link with chosen anchors

DA 40+



per placement

  • MOZ DA 40+ Sites
  • 5K+ Organic Traffic
  • 750 SEO Optimized words w/ 2 Images
  • Guaranteed live link for six months
  • Dofollow link with chosen anchors

DA 50+



per placement

  • MOZ DA 50+ Sites
  • 15K+ Organic Traffic
  • 750 SEO Optimized words w/ 2 Images
  • Guaranteed live link for six months
  • Dofollow link with chosen anchors

Who Can Use This Service?

We, at BKThemes, make sure that our Guest Post Service fits diverse requirements

Online Businesses

For any business that aspires to thrive online, visibility is the primary goal. We can help your business achieve improved search engine ranking with a well-defined backlink strategy.

Guest post link building can be a large or small part of it. Meanwhile, you can focus on the growth of other business aspects.

SEO Agencies

We share the common emotion with resellers as we understand all the hard work that goes into guest post link building for building traffic and a powerful backlink system that just outperforms.

Let us handle all this for you, while you get access to the 100% white-label reports we deliver.  it’s a win-win situation for both of us.

Affiliate Marketers

BKThemes has your back. We understand that you’ve already got too much on your plate. Allow us to handle the entire guest post link building for you so that you don’t have to split focus.

We will keep you informed of the entire process and nothing is ever posted without your prior consent.  You really can just rest easy.

Don't Take Our Word For It

bkthemes backlinksThis one website purchased just 9 DA 50+ backlinks and this resulted in an almost 30,000 increase in organic traffic.

High DA post-BKthemesThis site bought some DA 40 guest post backlinks and this resulted in a whopping 124,000  increase in organic traffic. This is real targeted traffic.  Traffic from customers that are interested in what you have to offer.

Shopify Site Maintenance and Guest Posts

Want to save even more?   Couple this with a Shopify Site Maintenance plan of 6 months or more and I’ll give you an additional 15% of the cost of the backlinks.


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